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Memoir: A collection of memories that an individual compiles (moments or events, both public and private) during the author's life.

About_photos Our mission is to provide you with the best platform to document and archive your most significant and memorable stories as you recollect, compose, and reminisce on them.

About_stories We believe that these unique memories should never be forgotten, but cherished. In addition, we encourage you to utilize our valuable services outfitted with distinctive features to compile and share your own individual and unforgettable moments.

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Plus PLUS (Peer Review Feature) We want to make the stories you post to be of the highest quality. With the PLUS feature, we allow the readers to highlight writing errors (grammar, spelling, syntax) while reading. We developed the PLUS feature that highlights these errors and sends the writer an anonymous edit request without other users being able to see it. This ensures the accuracy, privacy and readability of the articles posted on My Memoirs for both the reader and the writer.
Plus Canvas it Some stories are worth more than just a digital copy, therefore we at Memoirs Inc created a canvassing service where you can create a hardcopy version of the stories. Whatever you want to do with the memoirs canvas is up to you. You can add on to your photo frame collection, give it to your family or friends as a special gift or even hang it on your office wall!
Plus Ask the Author (ATA) Sometimes, a mere comment section is just not enough. Ask the Author (ATA) features gives the reader an opportunity to ask the author their own questions. This feature is very unique because ONLY the author can respond to these questions. Feel free to ask the author any questions regarding the story. Think of it this way, it’s like holding your own personal Q & A session with the author of your choice, now who wouldn’t be interested in an opportunity like that?
Plus Story Album (Folder and Grouping Feature) Instead of always posting the most recent stories to the top, you can now organize your stories just like a folder on a desktop. Stories that are related can be structured and grouped, perfect for books, vacations, photo albums and more!
Plus Request a Pro
Verify it Translate it Write it
Allows historians to validate the facts of the user’s story. After verifying, these stories can be used in published materials in the education or related industries. Allows users to request their or someone else’s stories to be translated by professional translating services to the language of their choosing. Allows users to request professional writing and transcription of their stories.
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We are a team of remarkable individuals committed to providing you with the BEST platform for your amazing stories. Every single one of us has a unique story and it is our mission to provide our platform to everyone in the world regardless of race, age or socio-economic status. Check out the members of our team below!
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