Memoirs Legacy

Look back, reminisce and remember all the memories you went through that brings you joy and smiles.

Revisit these memories again and capture these stories into words and film with Memoirs Legacy that will always be with you.

We not only record and document the past memories, but the future ones as well, the milestones of your life.

Your stories will always be yours, let Memoirs Legacy make that happen.
Your Memoirs

This is your book, not someone else’s, but yours and the story is your story in your own words. There is only one of you in human history, tell the most important stories of your incredible journey in text by a certified writer.
Video Records

Share your memories in front of camera to record your voice, your emotions and everything that pertains to your stories. More than just pictures, more than just words, Memoirs Legacy captures every detail possible.
Life Archive

Digitizing these unique memories will guarantee eternity; your life stories and moments will always be saved and be added on to. These recollections will become your legacy…
Memoirs Legacy Terms
  • Writing Specification: Hardcopy (up to 100 pages)
  • Video Specification: 8 stories/episode + introduction and video letter
  • Video Duration: around 60 minutes max
  • Interview & Video Shoot Duration: around 3-5 hours (more if needed)
  • Video Shoot Logistics: confirmed via email

  • Video Detail
    1. Resolution: 720p
    2. Sound: personal mics and mic applications provided
    3. Video Edit: Sony Vegas and licensed software
    4. Special Effect: sounds and effect to match stories (customizable if requested)
    5. Introduction Video: User preference (customizable if requested)
    6. Video Letter: Special effects to match stories (customizable if requested)
    7. Video Edit: Can include pictures, sounds and external videos (contact Memoirs Media)

  • Extras - Hard Copy
    1. up to 100 pages including pictures (additional costs for additional pages)

  • Extras - Captions
    1. Captions available in multiple languages (additional costs)

  • Extras - Location
    1. Seoul
    2. Non-Seoul (additional costs)

*Final product will be saved on Memoirs Cloud and distributed via USB to your address including 5 hardcopies.